32" 4K KDX Glasses-Free 3D Display


3D Game Market is proud to present our newest 4K glasses free 3D display. This 32” gaming monitor has excellent quality and produces beautiful gaming environments that will provide users a world of highly immersive gaming. You can use this display as a 3D gaming monitor and also use it as a 2D desktop monitor. It comes equipped with an upscaling chip that will allow you to play your games at 1920 x 1080 and the display will upscale the picture to full 4K. The games look beautiful in 3D and we can’t wait until you check it out in your own home.

Price: $1,399.00

2017 Roc Con

Everytime we do a show we will meet some great new people, and some of these people do their own shows. This happed this summer while we were at the Salt City Comic Con (Great Comic Con) in Syracuse NY. We met Alicia from Roc Con and she was interested in our glasses free 3D gaming platform and asked us if we could come and participate in her show in Rochester NY. We had never been to a show in Rochester and were very excited to share our games with the people of Roc Con.

My Trip to China

3D Game Market has been working with a company in China called KDX for over a year and entered into a joint project with them where we would supply our 3D gaming software and software support. They wanted to launch a chain of internet cafés called Deepub. Inside of these cafés you could play games with you friends, enter gaming tournaments, hang out and have fun, experience virtual reality, buy refreshments and 3D merchandise, or watch videos on their amazing smart glass.