Retro Game Con V

The only time that it is fun to awake at Five AM is if you are heading to a video game convention. This is the second year in a row that 3D Game Market has participated in the Retro Game Con in Syracuse NY. This was the 5th annual Retro Game Con and it keeps getting better every year. We arrived at the On Center around eight AM and quickly started getting our booth set up.

2017 Roc Con

Everytime we do a show we will meet some great new people, and some of these people do their own shows. This happed this summer while we were at the Salt City Comic Con (Great Comic Con) in Syracuse NY. We met Alicia from Roc Con and she was interested in our glasses free 3D gaming platform and asked us if we could come and participate in her show in Rochester NY. We had never been to a show in Rochester and were very excited to share our games with the people of Roc Con.

My Trip to China

3D Game Market has been working with a company in China called KDX for over a year and entered into a joint project with them where we would supply our 3D gaming software and software support. They wanted to launch a chain of internet cafés called Deepub. Inside of these cafés you could play games with you friends, enter gaming tournaments, hang out and have fun, experience virtual reality, buy refreshments and 3D merchandise, or watch videos on their amazing smart glass.

2017 Nickle City Comic Con

In late April I got a call asking us if we would be interested participating in the second annual Dave & Adam's Nickel City Con, being held May 19 to 21 in the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This was a new show for us and after hearing a little about this Con we agreed to attend this show. It was our first three-day show and they let us know that they were expecting about 10,000 guest. Aside from CES 2016 this would be our biggest show so far.

Nickle City Comic Con

On the 19th of May 3D Game Market will be headed to Buffalo to participate in the 3 Day Nickle City Comic Con at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This is going to be a huge show geared towards the entire family with a ton of great guests including William Shatner and Joe Montana. There is going to be Cos Play Contests, Video Game Tournaments, Guest Panels, and many vendors who will have some great merchandise to choose from.

Ithacon 42

We just finished participating on one of our favorite Comic Cons in Ithaca NY. March 25th and 26th saw 3D Game Market at Ithacon 42 at Ithaca College. This was the third time being at this show and the first year that it was expanded to a two day event. Katharine and Bill do a great job with this show and we are pleased to be able to attend their event every year.

Ed Tech Day 2017

We were very excited to return to Ithaca College this March to do our 4th Ed Tech Day Show. David Weil and his team do a great job with this show and they always have a lot of great vendors displaying some really interesting materials. This year we were right next to a group from Lansing High School that brought the robot they created and it was fun seeing everyone watching the robot move around and watching it throw a ball into a basket. It was fun interacting with that group and getting their feedback on our glasses free 3D gaming platform.

Ed Tech Day 2017

Ed Tech Day 2017

It's nearly time again for the annual Educational Technology Day at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY Visit 3DGameMarket in person as we join other local and national vendors such as AT&T, Apple, Brocade, Dell, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and many more. 

2016 Syracuse Retro Game Con

Early Saturday morning on the 5th of November 2016 Drew Bentley and I headed to Syracuse New York to attend the Retro Game Con. This is the first true video gaming convention that 3D game Market has participated in. The Con was held in the On Center right in Downtown Syracuse and was a beautiful venue. We had no problem getting set up and were excited to share Fallout 4 in glasses free 3D. We also had a few more games up our sleeve like Batman Arkham Knight, Gauntlet, and Dragon Age Inquisition. Plus for the kids we set up Castle of Illusion featuring Mickey Mouse.

2016 Buffalo Comicon

This year we participated in our first Buffalo Comicon and we are so glad we did. What a great convention. It was held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center which was a really nice Venue. We got there Friday afternoon and there was a great buzz around the center as everyone was busy setting up their wares. The first thing I did was to find Emil Novak from the Queen City Bookstore who was one of the sponsors of the show and the one who invited us to attend. He was very helpful and showed us where our booth was.