About Us

3D Game Market is a company dedicated to providing software for PC video games allowing them to be played in full 3D on displays that do not require the use of 3D glasses. The process that we have developed and refined works seamlessly with hundreds of existing video games transforming them in to stunning 3D environments. This added element of being able to see depth in video games brings them to life in a way that has never been seen before. You can replay video games that you grew tired of years ago and they will seem to actually become alive and new in this true 3D perspective.

In the early part of 2012 Todd Tanner and Vincent Lindow Jr were working for a company doing 3D video conversions for digital signage. These videos would play on glasses free 3D displays that use the 2D plus depth format. As both Todd and Vince are video game enthusiast they started to see if they could get video games to run on these screens. After a few months of developing some software they were able to convert some video games. The results were so stunning and lifelike due to the depth information that has been embedded in the gaming software since the 2000's, that they decided to look into starting a company to offer these stunning game conversions to the public. Conversations were started with Ilya Sorokin which led to the formation of a partnership between these talented individuals.

You can go to our website and obtain everything you need to start playing PC video games on 3D glasses free displays. The advantages of this method is far superior to playing games with displays that require 3D glasses. Since glasses are not needed everyone watching you play are also seeing the game in beautiful 3D. There is no eye strain or restrictions on where you stand or sit when playing or viewing the games. You are free to move around without losing the 3D effect. There is nothing worse than having to quit playing because you have a headache caused by eyestrain.

We are continuing to increase our products and services to provide the highest quality PC video gaming experience. We are planning marketing strategies as well as including plans to attend gaming conventions, shows, and LAN parties all directed at increasing exposure to this exciting new concept. The confidence is high that you will appreciate the effect of adding true depth to your video games. It brings them alive and gives an added dimension that has never before been enjoyed like this.

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