3D Game Market was a huge part of the 2016 Salt City Collect-A-Con in Syracuse NY were we hosted over 3000 people thought the day. 3D Game Market provided amazing entertainment for all of our guest by offering FREE gameplay on there 4K televisions. Customers were blown away by the unbelievable 3D gameplay and the fact that you did not need glasses and that everyone got to enjoy the 3D action at the same time. I know that the 3D game market has an amazing product just by the customers response at our show.

Thomas Yeldon
Owner of the Larger Than Life Toys & comics and the Salt City Collect-A-Con

I have been coordinating events for academics and community members since 1988, so I can speak with some authority when I say that 3D Game Market has been one of the most successful community/corporate partners whom I have ever included in an event. First of all, in terms of event organizing Vince Lindow and his team have been wonderful to work with—self-sufficient, flexible and accommodating. They were able to cheerfully adapt to our needs and work both within our space and time parameters. I wish that all of my vendor participants were so congenial!

And, what is even more important , is that they brought an element into our event—previously just a classic comic book convention—which amazed and delighted the attendees. The 3-D graphics that they projected on a large screen were breath-taking, increasing the “Wow!” factor of that part of the venue by about a thousand percent. Their area had a cluster of excited participants from the opening to the closing moments of the event, and I loved to go by and overhear the range of conversations. Vince and his team have the ability to connect with everyone from the advanced computer science student who wants to know how they accomplish their feats, to the shyest elementary school child who just wants a turn with the controller. Perhaps my favorite aspect of having 3D Game Market was getting to watch the looks of awe and delight on the kids’ faces. In our increasingly tech-saturated world, it takes a lot to bring kids (old and young) back to that gee-whiz moment; 3D Game Market has that magic, and they are more than happy to share it with the world.

Katharine Kittredge
Professor of English at Ithaca College
Co-coordinator of ITHACON

As the director and producer of a show based solely around the latest video game news and technologies, I am constantly hearing about concepts that will change the way we view video games in the near future. After seeing the glasses free 3D developed by 3D Game Market and trying it out for myself, I am convinced that it has the potential to stand aside technologies such as the Oculus Rift and augmented reality devices in a wave that will revolutionize the way we play games.

Eric Gindele
Director/Producer Game Over

My name is Troy Naida and I represent "Rainy Toad Gaming" and RTG crew and I play with a multitude of video screens from small to large. Having been to numerous events and set up next to the 3D Game Market. I can say I am impressed. Having worn prescription glasses all my life , I have a hard wearing some 3D glasses. Along with the software I found the game selection to amazing. Games from current to retro the software was able to play them all and use a standard console controller or mouse and keyboard. The technology is the future. Something I see to be the next big thing that gives a 3D world without having to wear equipment all over you. As a gamer I was amazed by the quality of the picture and the 3D gave my play time a entire new world to visit even on games that I was all to familiar with, now had new life.

Troy W. Naida
Owner of Rainy Toad Gaming