E3 2014 Gaming Convention

Dreams really can come true and one of mine did on June 10th 2014 when I attended my first E3 gaming convention. This event was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles California. The weather was outstanding and so were my spirits as I waited in line to get in. 48,900 people attended this event and it seemed like 48,000 of them were ahead of me in line. Once the doors opened it did not take long to reach the main exhibit floor where I first made my way to the Square Enix booth to check out the Rise of the Tomb Raider exhibit. I was really looking forward to seeing this game as well as Hitman Sniper and Final fantasy XIV. I was very impressed and got some nice swag. Next it was off to check out the Indie Games section and the smaller booths were I got to see some great headphones and other cool stuff. Next on the agenda was checking out the MMO Black Gold and Age of Wushu from Snail Games. It was cool playing Black Gold while it was still in Beta and talking to the nice folks from Snail Games. Everyone I talked to at the show got a 3D Game Market Business card and was told about how awesome their games looked in glasses free 3D or would look if we did not have that game converted yet. I was on a mission to talk about our great company. Caught a quick bite to eat and then went to look at the new Disney Infinity 2.0 game featuring the Marvel superheroes. We already had the first Disney Infinity working in 3D and I wanted to let them know. Every big attraction came with a big line that I tried to avoid on the first day to cover more ground. Walking by the Activision display I decided to wait until the next day to see some of their games as the lines to get in were huge, especially the one for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Ubisoft was showing two games that I was really interested in seeing, Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity. Both games looked awesome. Stopped by the Battlenet booth to let them know about our company and how great World of Tanks looked in 3D. It is one of my favorite MMO games to play. There were a lot of people playing Evolve from 2K games and they had a huge Monster statue in their booth that had to be 20 feet high and looked very scary. Up to this point I have been exploring South Hall and decided it was time to head over to West Hall to see Microsoft, Nintendo and Playseat exhibits. On the way over I had to have my picture taken with the World of Warplanes girls. They looked great. First I stopped at the Playseat booth and thanked Justin for my ticket. E3 is closed to the public and tickets just to get in cost around a thousand dollars so I was very thankful that Playseat invited me as their guest. Their gaming chairs are very comfortable and have places to mount all of your controllers. If you like racing games then you will really like their chairs as your steering wheel and foot pedals mount right to the chair. Some of them even have speakers in the headrest and rumble mechanisms to make the games even more stimulating. The Microsoft and Nintendo booths were both enormous but I did not spend much time at them as were are a PC based solution and right now do not do much with Consoles. I ended my first day by playing the new Gauntlet game and checking out the Lego Batman display. I was tired and ready to recharge for day 2.

I was in line early to be able to get in line to play the Destiny game from Bungie. It was not going to be released on the Pc initially but I heard a lot of good things about it and there was a lot of chatter about Bungie releasing a PC version in the future. I had fun playing the game and the graphics were awesome. Got a nice tee shirt for playing and added it to my growing swag bag. The next game I went to see was Batman Arkham Origins and it took me almost 2 hours in line before I got to see the trailer. The game looked awesome and I got yet another tee shirt. The line to see the Sims 4 was not as long and was worth the wait. I had a great visit in the Sega booth and got to talk to their team about how great Sonic the Hedgehog looked in glasses free 3D. On the way to my next attraction I got mugged by Handsome Jack from Borderlands the Pre Sequel. Luckily I escaped with my wallet. I spent the rest of day two checking out hardware and talking to people about our Company.

My third day started by waiting in line to see the Dragon Age Inquisition trailer from EA Games. The wait was worthwhile as the game looked fantastic and my wardrobe expanded with yet another Tee shirt. I stayed in the EA Booth and played some Battlefield Hardline where they took my mugshot. Staying out of trouble has always been hard for me to do. It was finally time to wait in line to see the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game and I got my picture taken with the soldier pictured on the cover of the game. This was my favorite trailer to see and got to meet some guys from triple D while I was waiting to get in. They also make PC games play in 3D but theirs is a with glasses solution. I was also pleased by getting to see the new airplane game called War Thunder and stopped one more time at Playseat to say thanks again for my pass. Once I got outside I stopped at the Nvidia complex where they had a large party going on. It was a lot of fun and the Titanfall Robot stood about 30 feet high and was very impressive. I had such a great time but was ready to get back to my Hotel and relax while thinking about all the great people I got to meet and all the great stuff I got to see. Hope to make it back to this show soon but the next time I hope to have a booth so People can see what we are doing for the industry.