Ithacon 40

Excitement is in the air after just returning from doing the Ithacon 40 Convention that was held on Saturday May 2Nd at Emmerson suites in Ithaca College. This was a great event for us. We had a lot of engaged customers that visited our booth all day. There was always a large group of people checking out our glasses free 3D PC gaming solution. There were a lot of cosplay costumes being displayed and we tried to play games that featured the characters that people were dressing up as. There were a lot of questions on how we were able to create such awesome 3D environments without the use of any 3D glasses.

One of my favorite things to watch at these shows is the young kids taking a turn with the controller playing some games. Some of the kids were about 4 years old all dressed up as their favorite super hero playing a game featuring their character. We passed out around 200 business cards to interested patrons.

There were some great guest at this show including Actor and author J.G. Hertzler—perhaps best known for his portrayal of the Klingon General Martok in Deep Space Nine, and the author of the Star Trek novels The Left Hand of Destiny: Books 1 and 2. It was a great pleasure getting to talk to Mr. Hertzler as I have always been a huge Star Trek fan. He was really impressed with what we were doing and it was great to hear his feedback.

All and all it was a great show and we hope to be back next year hopefully with a 4K 3D display to ramp up our 3D gaming experience even more than it is right now.