2015 Twin Tiers Comic Con

What a great weekend August 15th and 16th 2015 was as 3D Game Market participated in the 2nd annual Twin Tiers Comic Con held at the First Arena in Elmyra NY. We arrived Friday night to set up our equipment and were amazed at the size of the venue. This is the largest show that we have attended up to this time and our 2nd Comic Con. After setting up we had some time to wander around and look at all the cool stuff that was there. They had the Tardis Time Machine from Dr. Who, The Back to the Future DeLorean, A Jurassic Park Jeep, An amazing display from the Ghostbusters of Rochester NY which even included Ghostbuster cars as well as completely decked out Ghostbusters, and lots of other cool stuff to look at. Their guest list was incredible and the atmosphere was electric.

We arrived early Saturday Morning and were super excited to show off our glasses free 3D gaming solution. Right next to our booth was Rainy Toad Gaming where they were running video game tournaments all day and we got to know the owner Troy and his great staff. When the doors opened we were flooded by guest that were eager to grab a gaming controller and check out our new tech. We were busy answering questions and handing out information to all the guest that stopped by our booth. Saturday afternoon R2D2 (life-sized working model of the famous droid) stopped by the booth to check out the tech and pose for pictures. That was fun. Time flew by and before you know it the day was over.

Sunday was not quite as busy but there were still a lot of people attending the event. It was a lot like Saturday with a lot of people stopping by our booth. I loved the reaction on their faces when they realized that they were seeing a 3D image with having to use 3D glasses. We got a lot of great comments and really enjoyed our time at the show. In the afternoon we got a great surprise when Verne Troyer stopped by our booth. He is better known as Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. It was great seeing him check out our 3D gaming solution and he had a lot of good things to say about what we were doing. We were sad to see the show end but after 2 days of solid gaming we were ready to pack up and were already talking about coming back next year.

I highly recommend that you come to future Twin tiers events as they are full of cool vendors with great merchandise, Awesome guest and artist and of course my favorite, the cosplay characters. There is nothing like explaining glasses free 3D gaming to Superman, Batman, and all of the other super heroes walking around the show. Can’t wait for the 2016 show and hope to see you there.