2016 Consumer Electronics Show

2016 started out for me with a big surprise. I found out at the last minute that I would be attending the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. This is a very large show where they show off all the new Electronic gear and amazing new technologies. This show is closed to the public and I have wanted to attend it for a long time. Because it was a last minute decision we decided that it would be a lot more economical and safer for our equipment if I drove instead of flying. I left Monday afternoon on January the 4th from Upstate New York full of excitement. It was awesome traveling across our great Country watching the landscape and weather change along my journey. It went from snow to having the windows down when I arrived Thursday Afternoon. It was a last minute decision to come out to do a meeting for our friends at Kdx and Dimenco so finding a room was quite challenging, but after a little while we found a room at Hooters Hotel and Casino which was right across the street from the monorail I would be using to get to the convention. After a great meal and some much needed sleep I packed up my computer and headed to the show early Friday morning.

I was met at the convention center by Erik Van Der Tol who is the Chief Technical Officer for Dimenco and it was great finally meeting him. I have conversed with him many times via email but it was nice to put a face to the name. He escorted me to the KDX booth and helped me get set up. I also got to see Cynthia Goodman who is in charge of business development in the US. There booth was very impressive and was made up of several areas. They had a main area and then had two areas that were set up like living rooms where they had their glasses free 4K 50 and 65 inch glasses free 3D displays set up. In addition they also had an area that resembled a den and that is where we displayed our PC video gaming solution. Once I got a game loaded up and they saw how great it looked in glasses free 3D I knew it was going to be a great show. I was kept busy all day and had a couple of great meetings with potential clients. I was very happy with the positive reaction I got form the crowd. A lot of people learned about the work we were doing at 3D game Market and I was handing out a lot of business cards. Later that afternoon I got to meet Maarten Tobias from Dimenco and several executives from KDX. What a great team both companies had there and it was a pleasure meeting them. We had a great meeting while they were playing the games talking about how our companies can work together in the future. Our software would not do us any good without their hardware. This was the first time I got to see our games being played on a 4K glasses free display. The display that I had to work with is a HD display with half the resolution of their new 4K display and the games looked fantastic. It was amazing to see what double the resolution did for the look of the games and the 3D effect was incredible. At the end of this great day I went to the Excalibur casino and ate an amazing meal at the all you can eat buffet which was outstanding.

On Saturday I found some time to wander around the convention and see the displays. Erik said he would help guest out with our gaming solution so I could see some of the show. I could not believe how big this convention was and was amazed by all the cool stuff. I was mainly interested in checking out the new gaming and video displays and was not disappointed. I got to meet Zach from Stream TV which is a company that also makes glasses free 3D TV’s and he came back to our booth with me to see our gaming solution which would work on their TV’s. I also saw some virtual reality stuff and some awesome gaming computers. After getting an overload from all the cool stuff I returned to the KDX booth to pack up my stuff. It was time to start the journey back to New York. I said goodbye to the team and was very glad that I got to make this trip. I will always remember it and the friends I got to meet. Hopefully I will be able to return next year.