2016 Ed Tech Day

We at 3D Game Market would like to thank everyone that attended the 26th annual Ed Tech Day at Ithaca College last Thursday the 24th of March 2016. This is our third year doing this show and it has earned a soft spot in our heart as this was the first show that we participated in. We got to make a lot of new friends and see some old ones that we have met the previous two years.

We were especially proud to show off our new 4K 50” glasses free 3D display and Steam Machine PC gaming computer. This is our first show in which the guest were able to play PC video games in 4K and the response was very positive. The morning started out with us arriving early to do a interview with the crew from Game Over. They do a weekly show on the campus about one of our favorite subjects. You guessed it, Video Gaming. After the interview we got a chance to check out some other vendors at the show. Once the doors opened we had the usual large crowd for most of the day. This show also marked a first for us as we also showcased our new Anaglyph gaming solution that allows users to play our supported games on a 2D monitor using the red and blue 3D glasses. This solutions allows the player to see the games in 3D without having to use any special 3D displays.

Even though I have done quite o few shows I never get over the positive reaction I see from people when they grab a gaming controller and play a game in 3D without having to use any special glasses. The smiles warm us through and through and reinforce our drive to keep improving our platform. We have some more big surprises to unveil at some future shows this year and keep striving to be the leader in glasses free 3D gaming. Can’t wait to do this show again next year and hopefully many years to come.