Ithacon 41

3D Game Market was very excited to be invited back to participate in another Ithacon convention. We had so much fun at the show last year that we were eager to accept our invitation to return in 2016. We found out that this year’s show would be a two day event with the second day being all about video gaming. That sounded great to us.

Saturday morning we arrived bright and early to get our gear set up before the show opened. This show was the second time we got to share our glasses free 3D gaming experience on our new 4K 50” glasses free display. We were greeted by Katharine Kittredge and William Turner that we had the privilege of working with last year. As soon as the doors opened we were engaged by some awesome guest that were very supportive of our gaming platform and were excited about playing the games in the beautiful 3d environments. As this show is a comic con we showed a lot of games that featured everyone’s favorite superheroes. We had people of all ages from about 5 to 65 and they all enjoyed seeing the games come to life in 3D. The amount of cosplayers at the event was awesome and they had some pretty cool costumes. It was great seeing the superheroes trying their luck with some video gaming. It was a busy day that was filled with fun from beginning to end.

Sunday was not as near as busy as Saturday but was still a lot of fun. We got to meet some of the students at Ithaca College who were taking a game development class and we got to see all of their projects. Everyone who visited us had some great questions about how we achieved the stunning 3D without glasses. We really enjoyed the show and can’t wait to return next year to show all of the new developments we have planned for later this year.