2016 Salt City Collect a Con

Wow what a day May 15th 2016 was. 3D Game Market got invited to participate in the Salt City Collect a Con at the Regional Farmers Market in Syracuse NY. The weather outside was grey and gloomy but the atmosphere inside was bright and sunny as vendors and exhibitors geared up to show their stuff. Our booth was right next to our friends from Rainy Toad Gaming who run amazing video game tournaments and offer cool prizes to the winners. We were excited to show off our glasses free 3D gaming solution on our new 4K 50 inch glasses free display.

Once we got set up we had a little time to check out the other booths and there was some really cool stuff. My favorite was the 1966 Batmobile. There were a lot of vendors and this was shaping up to be the biggest show that we have been a part of. VIP guest were admitted an hour before the doors opened up for the huge line of guest that were waiting to get in. The weather did not seem to affect the number of people that were eager to come check out the show. We were very busy all day answering a ton of questions and showing about 25 different games that we selected to demo. Currently we support just over 400 different PC video games for glasses free 3D play. We had guest of all ages and it was a blast seeing the looks on their faces once they realized they were seeing 3D without having to use 3D glasses. It is a little different at our booth as we go ahead and hand our guest a gaming controller so they can give it a try. My favorite question to answer was “You don’t need 3D glasses” in which I would reply “Do you have any on”. That would always bring a smile to their face. Seeing all the cosplay contestants was awesome. A lot of people were in costume and loving their experience. We also got to meet the Sony Rep for the upstate New York Region and he really liked our 3D gaming platform. It is nice to get positive feedback on our work from other people in the industry. We put a lot of effort into it.

Before we knew it the day had come to an end and it was time to pack up and leave. We thanked TJ Yeldon for inviting us to participate and he told us that we were already put on the roster of vendors that they would like to have back next year. We will be glad to do this again next year and are sure to have some more cool additions to our platform. We found out that over 3000 people attended and that was a personal high for us. It also felt like all 3000 stopped at our booth as my voice was almost gone. That is a good thing. Another one of my favorite things about this show was our programmer and his girlfriend were able to attend. He works very hard writing all of our code and it was awesome for him to get the chance to witness the final result. Also a big thanks to our friends Kevin and Chris for sharing the day with us and to Drew for his awesome efforts in helping our guest with the gaming. As always we got the chance to meet a lot of new people and expose them to this new technology. Hope to see some of them again next year.