2016 Twin Tiers Comic Con

It was a beautiful Sunny warm Friday afternoon on the 12th of August and 3D Game Market was headed back to the First Arena in Elmyra NY for our second Twin Tiers Comic Con. When we arrived our spirts were lifted even higher when we saw Herbie the Love Bug being unloaded. I loved watching those movies when I was a Kid. The show was at the same location but had double the space that they had last year. We were in the new section which was very cool due to the floor being all ice which they had covered with a bunch of wooden sheets. We had no problem getting set up and were eager to showcase for games in glasses free 3D that used the Direct X 11 graphics which makes the games visually stunning. Couple this with the depth effect our 3D technology and you have a fantastic looking game. Right next to our booth were our good friends from Rainy Toad Gaming that we met the year before at this show. After getting set up we started getting a great reaction to the Dragon Age Inquisition game that we were going to feature. Other people that were getting ready for the show were stopping by and just saying wow. I got a chance to walk around the venue after setting up and see a lot of great attractions. I saw Tow Mater the golf cart which made me smile and also Kitt from Knight Rider, another show I watched as a kid. This show had a lot of really cool vehicles. The Agents of Shield SUV was there along with ta car from the Umbrella Corporation from Resident evil. Close to that was a Ghostbusters Car form the Ghostbusters club of Rochester. Even a car from the Harry Potter movies was there. After getting a good look at everything Kevin and I headed home to get ready for a very busy Saturday.
The morning began with a surprise. While driving to the Arena I got a call from one of the organizers of the Comic Con that some Condensation had gotten on our stuff and they had to move everything so instead of being all set to go we found our gear stacked on some tables and we had some work to do. We inspected everything and thankfully no water had gotten in our displays or computers but it was real close. Boy did we get lucky. With some hustle Kevin and I were able to get all set back up with some time to spare before the show opened. I took a walk outside to get warmed up and I ran right into Jake the Snake Roberts who was a guest at the show and was outside taking in some sunshine before things got started. It was a real pleasure to be able to have a chat with him and he was another person I got to watch wrestle when I was a kid. The VIP’s got to come in an hour before the show opened and we got busy right away. This was the first show that we brought more than one display. We had three complete gaming systems ready to go. We had our 4K 50” glasses free 3D TV that we were playing Dragon Age on and next to that we had a 42” HD display with some racing games. We even brought a 2D monitor to show our anaglyph mode where by using red and cyan glasses you could do some 3D gaming on a 2D monitor. There was a lot of people participating in the Cosplay contest and there were a lot of great costumes. We got some great pictures of the cosplayers next to our booth. We even had Batman checking out Batman in 3D. He thought that was pretty awesome. Before I knew it the day was over and we headed home to get rested up.
Sunday started out with no surprises and that was a great relief after the water incident on Saturday. There was a good crowd on Sunday but not quite as busy as Saturday. This gave me the chance to walk around and meet some of the great vendors. By the end of the day we had got to share our glasses free 3D solution with a lot of people that had never seen anything like this before. We got a great reaction and had an awesome weekend. We definitely want to return next year.