2016 Buffalo Comicon

This year we participated in our first Buffalo Comicon and we are so glad we did. What a great convention. It was held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center which was a really nice Venue. We got there Friday afternoon and there was a great buzz around the center as everyone was busy setting up their wares. The first thing I did was to find Emil Novak from the Queen City Bookstore who was one of the sponsors of the show and the one who invited us to attend. He was very helpful and showed us where our booth was. They put us downstairs in the Ballroom which was very nice but kind of out of the way a little bit. But it was right next to the main entrance and we knew we could make it work. Emil and his staff treated us very well and even provided a hotel room for us to stay in that was right across the street. It took us a couple of hours to get all set up and once we did people started to check out the displays. They are always amazed at seeing 3D without having to wear 3D glasses. One of the people that I got to meet was Big Mike who was a retired firefighter from New Your City that now spent his time streaming gameplay videos to Twitch TV. He was a great guy and I enjoyed talking to him all weekend. Next I said goodbye to my helper Kevin who had family in the area and was going to stay with them in nearby Niagara Falls. I went upstairs to the main floor and saw T.J. Yeldon from the Salt City Comic store. I got to know T.J. from the Salt City Comic Con that we did in Syracuse earlier in the year. After spending some time on the floor I decided to go get some food and sleep as it was going to be a busy weekend. Right next to the convention center was the Century Grill where I got some great Buffalo wings. If you are going to be in Buffalo then you need to have some wings. That just goes without saying.

I awoke early Saturday and was excited to get things started. We got the games all fired up and was busy all day explaining the tech to all of our visitors. I really love doing the sows and seeing all the people really enjoying playing the video games in glasses free 3D. All the remarks we got made all of the development and testing for long hours each day worth it. On our 4K 50” display we played Dragon Age Inquisition which is an open world role playing game that people really enjoyed. The graphics are great and when you add the 3D element on top of that it makes for an amazing experience. On our other HD 42” display we were playing Skyrim and Batman Arkham Origins most of the day. During the whole show we got to see some awesome Cosplay costumes and Buffalo’s Official Batman stopped by our booth to check out the games. We got some great pictures of a lot of the cosplayers. Before you knew it evening had arrived and we shut down around seven to reenergize for the next day. I had such a great meal the night before at the Century Grill I decided to return to try another item off of their menu. When I was at the bar looking over the menu they put out dishes of free bacon to munch on. What an awesome touch. I dug right in on that while I decided what to order. Buffalo is a great blue collar city and I met a lot of great people all weekend.

Sunday Morning Big Mickey that I met on Friday stopped by to do an interview with us and I really appreciated him helping us spread the word about our gaming platform. Then a little after that interview the guys from Geekiverse stopped by and also did a video interview which they posted on YouTube and their website. Sunday was not as busy as Saturday but we still had quite a few guest stopping by to play the games all day. I got a great gift Sunday afternoon when my Half Brother Don Lindow and his family stopped by to see me. I had never met him until now and it was great seeing him. I walked them around the venue and after that took him to our booth so he could see what I was doing for a career. He really liked the games and is also a video gamer. I will always remember that afternoon getting to meet him and his family. After that it was time to break down and start the long drive home. We saw some old friends and met some new ones and are already excited about coming back next year to do this show again. Emil and his staff really know how to throw a great event.