3DGM - Gaming with depth!


Bring depth to your games with 3DGM. From state of the art Glasses-Free 3D displays, to anaglyph on the monitor you are using right now; 3DGM supports 3D on your display. We have tested and support over 400 hundred games and we are adding support for more games every day. Want the best in 3D gaming? Combine 3DGM with our new 28" Glasses-Free 3D display from Exceptional 3D for a truly amazing gaming experience!

Without 3DGM:
The game draws a 3D scene to a 2D display and discards the 3D data.

With 3DGM:
3DGM captures the 3D scene data and adapts it to todays 3D displays and formats.

Supported 3D Formats:
Anaglyph - Red Cyan, Green Magenta
Stereo - Side By Side, Over Under, Interleaved, and Checkerboard
2D+Z - Dimenco Glasses-Free 3D Displays, including the 50" and 65" models
Lenticular - Exceptional 3D 28" 4K Glasses-Free 3D Display

See 3D screenshots and videos from select games in our Supported Apps section or a mix on our 3D Media page. 

Buy to fully unlock all of 3DGM's features. The trial version of 3DGM has a watermark and a time limit. All 3D formats require a 3D display, 3D glasses, or both to view 3D. An internet connection is required for some features.

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