Ed Tech Day 2017

We were very excited to return to Ithaca College this March to do our 4th Ed Tech Day Show. David Weil and his team do a great job with this show and they always have a lot of great vendors displaying some really interesting materials. This year we were right next to a group from Lansing High School that brought the robot they created and it was fun seeing everyone watching the robot move around and watching it throw a ball into a basket. It was fun interacting with that group and getting their feedback on our glasses free 3D gaming platform.

We arrived the night before the show to get our equipment all set up and ready to go. We had our 50 inch 4K display set up and also brought our 20 inch HD display. We mainly played Star Wars Battlefront on the smaller display and Rise of the Tomb Raider on the larger display. We used both of our Steam machines to power the displays with our Alienware Alpha Console powering the smaller display and our Cyberpower Vapor running the larger display.

We got up early Thursday March 23rd and enjoyed some sunshine on our way to Ithaca College. After arriving we got our displays powered up and started getting ready for the crowd. As soon as the doors opened we got busy. It is always a lot of fun seeing their reaction to the 3D effect. We got tons of questions and were quite happy with all of the activity. The guys that brought the robot were really interested and wasted no time checking out the games and asking question on how we get the games to play in 3d. We talked to people from local schools as well as one group that traveled all the way from Connecticut. In the afternoon Professor Paul Dickson stopped by. I had been exchanging emails with Paul and was going to do a demonstration of glasses free 3D in his 3D game Development course the following day. It was nice putting a face to a name and I got even more excited about doing the class after talking to him. Well before you knew it, time had come to pack things up. We got our equipment stored in Prof Dickson’s room and then went and said goodbye to David and some of his staff. It was another great show and we hope to do many more of these. See you next year Ed Tech Day.