Ithacon 42

We just finished participating on one of our favorite Comic Cons in Ithaca NY. March 25th and 26th saw 3D Game Market at Ithacon 42 at Ithaca College. This was the third time being at this show and the first year that it was expanded to a two day event. Katharine and Bill do a great job with this show and we are pleased to be able to attend their event every year.

We arrived early Saturday morning and got our 50 inch 4K glasses free 3D display up and running. The minute we put a game on the monitor we got attention. It never gets old seeing people’s reaction to glasses Free 3D Gaming. We played Mad Max, Skyrim, Rise of the Tombraider and Lego Marvel Super Heroes for our younger fans. There were quite a few guest dressed up in some fantastic Cosplay Costumes and we love taking their pictures next to our 3D games. It was also really nice seeing people that we met the previous times we were at this great show. Bill and Katharine went above and beyond when it came to having great attractions, activities, and taking care of the vendors at the show. Before you knew it the day had come and gone. We stopped by the reception that Bill and Katharine put on Saturday after the show. This was a great opportunity to visit with the other vendors and guest that you do not get to see during the day. We then headed out to get some rest. You would not believe how tired you get by standing and talking all day about 3D video Gaming.

We got there Sunday morning and set up all of our stuff again as the area where they had us could not be locked up. Usually Sunday is quite a bit slower but there were quite a few people that came on Sunday. That was a pleasant surprise. Lots of Cosplay with some very interesting looking characters. I got a chance to walk around a little and see the rest of this show. There was a lot of stuff to look at and some very cool booths to explore. I ran into my friend Michael Royle and his wife. He puts on the Twin Tiers Comic Con down in Elmyra NY and I wanted to get the details of when that show was going to be held. He was not sure at the time I saw him but said he would let me know. Once again time flew by and it was time for Kevin and me to pack things up. Another great year at Ithacon and we are already looking forward to returning next year.