2017 Nickle City Comic Con

In late April I got a call asking us if we would be interested participating in the second annual Dave & Adam's Nickel City Con, being held May 19 to 21 in the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center. This was a new show for us and after hearing a little about this Con we agreed to attend this show. It was our first three-day show and they let us know that they were expecting about 10,000 guest. Aside from CES 2016 this would be our biggest show so far.

We arrived at the convention center around 1:00Pm on Friday and got our booth all set up. We were ready for the guest that arrived at 3:00pm. My favorite costume of the day was super dog worn by a cute little service dog all dressed up in his costume. This was the first show that we got to show off our new 28” glasses free 3D display from exceptional 3D. We also brought our brand new Chinese 32 inch glasses free 3D display. We are excited about both of these displays because of their quality and price range. These are the first displays that we are going to be able to sell for around 1,000 dollars. We also brought or 50 inch display that is always a big hit at the shows. What always amazes me at these shows is how fast the time flies by. 8:00pm arrived before you knew it and we shut down for the evening.

We arrived an hour before the show opened Saturday morning and quickly got the gaming systems up and running. Because of the large crowds that were expected we added another gamer to our crew. Jay Strapason was a huge help and picked up on the glasses free 3D right away. He had played a lot of the games that we were showing that day so he got up to speed very quickly. The crowds got pretty big Saturday morning and the line to get your picture taken with William Shatner was huge. This show featured a lot of great guest like William Shatner, Joe Montana, Nichelle Nichols, and many many more. We were very busy answering questions all day about the glasses free 3D and how our software works. It was a great day and we got to meet a lot of great guest at this show and picked up some new fans of our gaming platform.

Sunday was surprisingly very busy. Usually Sundays are slow days but not at this show. We were very pleased with all the attention our new displays were getting. People really liked the 3D effect and they also liked the fact that these new monitors were not 5,000 dollars. We played a lot of the newer games and got a great reaction from everyone taking a turn enjoying the gaming platform. The afternoon came and went and it was time to pack up and head home. We are hoping to make it back to this show next year. What a great experience.