2017 Roc Con

Everytime we do a show we will meet some great new people, and some of these people do their own shows. This happed this summer while we were at the Salt City Comic Con (Great Comic Con) in Syracuse NY. We met Alicia from Roc Con and she was interested in our glasses free 3D gaming platform and asked us if we could come and participate in her show in Rochester NY. We had never been to a show in Rochester and were very excited to share our games with the people of Roc Con.

On September 15th we headed out to the Kodak Event Center on a beautiful Friday Morning. I had been to the Kodak center when I was a kid way back when and was excited to return. This was a three day show so we made sure to bring lots of business cards. We arrived a couple of hours before the show and got busy getting all of our stuff unloaded. The show was open from 5pm until 10pm Friday night and we were impressed with the crowd. There was immediate interest in our new 4K 32” glasses free 3D display. We were very excited that we now had an affordable 3D display that patrons could get excited about. We featured this display on sale for $1400 for the show which included sales tax and shipping, which was a lot cheaper than our 50” display. Finally we had a monitor that did not cost over $5000 dollars. The reaction to the new display was great.

Saturday morning saw us up early to get to the show before it opened at 9am. As soon as the doors opened we got a huge crowd. It was great seeing everyone’s positive reaction to the displays and how eager they were to try out the gaming platform. Our 50” monitor always draws in the crowd but we were surprised at all the attention the new 32” display was getting. Both of our displays are 4K panels and people were commenting about how the picture on the 32 was better than that of the 50” display. This is because the same amount of pixels are put into a smaller area and this made the picture just jump right out at you. We got comment after comment about the picture quality. This excitement lasted all day until the show closed at 6pm.

Sunday was a lot slower than Saturday, but what we noticed was a lot of people that stopped by on Saturday returned Sunday just to see the monitor again. Some people stopped by all three days and some people stayed at our booth for over a half hour. That was great seeing this increased interest. Lots of these guest brought friends with them, so we had a nice crowd at an otherwise slower day.

Friday we played STYX: Shards of Darkness and Dirt Rally which are both newer games. People loved the game selection and asked a lot of questions about the games we supported in 3D. They were always surprised to learn that we support over 450 games featuring both newer games along with the older classics. Yes, you can play the original Far Cry that came out in 2004. Saturday we featured Batman Arkham Knight and Dirt Rally, and on Sunday it was Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Yes Skyrim, we got so many request to see that game. Even though it has been out for quite a while that was the one they wanted to see in 3D. The game definitely did not disappoint. Some guest had to be asked to let another person take a turn. To us this is a good problem to have.

Before you knew it, the time to pack up arrived. We were very glad to be a part of this show and look forward to returning next year. A special Thanks to Alicia for all of her efforts in making this a great show. Roc Con is a great show and if you live in the upstate New York area, I highly recommend you check it out next September.