Playing PC Video Games in 3D Without Glasses

3D Game Market has made it possible and easy to play PC video games in full rich 3D without having to use 3D glasses and this article will explain what you need to do to start enjoying your games in 3D. Our website is the place to go to get started. On our site you will see the tab leading to the market, which is the place where you can view what games we support, purchase our Spawnit 3D gaming software, view and purchase 3DGM game activators, unlimited gaming plans, and supported 3D glasses free displays. The 2 ways to get our gaming software is to either purchase it separately or get it as part of our unlimited gaming plans. Once you purchase the Spawnit3D client or unlimited gaming plan a download link will appear to allow easy installation of our gaming software on your PC.

The Spawnit 3D Gaming client is easy to use and keeps you up to date via articles, forums, product pages, videos, and blogs with what is happening in the glasses free 3D gaming community. Our market tab provides a complete list of available 3DGM activators that can be downloaded to transform individual games from a flat 2d appearance to a full 3D environment. Our game product pages give descriptions of the game as well as links which will take you to sites where you can purchase the video game or download the free demos. Once you have the game installed the 3DGM activator will be available for purchase or for free as part of our unlimited gaming options. All supported demo activators are free and available for download provided you have that demo installed on your PC.

Once you have a supported PC game installed and have purchased and downloaded the activator you will be able to use our My Games tab to launch your game in full 3D on a supported 3D display. This is very easy to use. You simply click on the game title or the play game text. Right clicking on a game gives you the option of creating a desktop shortcut for launching the game in 3D right from your desktop. Besides the create shortcut option you have the option for viewing important game information, reviewing the game, seeing a list of hot keys for adjusting your 3D settings, and an activator section where you can store changes to your 3D settings such as factor and offset. These options make it possible to customize your 3D experience.

3D Game Market is committed to providing, support, information, community involvement and an ever expanding library of 3D game activators to our customers. We want everybody to get as much enjoyment out of hassle free 3D gaming as we do. The 3D element that we introduce allows the games to be seen and enjoyed like never before. They actually come to life and even games that you grew tired of playing years ago seem like brand new games when played in true 3D.