3D Game Market Supports Dimenco's Kick Stater Project.

A Surprise From Dimenco!

Free 3D gaming for our 3D-TV backers. Hi all, We have exciting news! We have joined forces with 3D Game Market to get you up and running with hundreds of game titles to be played in 3D on your no-glasses 3D-TV. 3D Game Market (3dgamemarket.com), a leading provider of games for no-glasses 3D displays, is proud to sponsor Dimenco's Kickstarter campaign. 3D Game Market offers 2 free 3D game drivers from the catalog of nearly 200 games to every backer getting this awesome 4K no-glasses 3D-TV at such an unbelievable price. So, how does this work? 3D Game Market is a PC based platform, so you need a PC to be connected to the 3D-TV. What you then need is the game and the corresponding driver from 3D Game Market. You can register online with 3D Game Market for free, and while you normally have to purchase the 3D driver you now get 2 for free! For all the details please visit the 3D Game Market website. We hope you take advantage of this offer and have a totally immersive 3D gaming experience as soon as you get your brand new 39” no-glasses 4K 3D-TV.

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