Ithacon 40

Excitement is in the air after just returning from doing the Ithacon 40 Convention that was held on Saturday May 2Nd at Emmerson suites in Ithaca College. This was a great event for us. We had a lot of engaged customers that visited our booth all day. There was always a large group of people checking out our glasses free 3D PC gaming solution. There were a lot of cosplay costumes being displayed and we tried to play games that featured the characters that people were dressing up as.

What a great show ED Tech Day is.

We went to Ithaca college last Wednesday afternoon about 4:00 PM to set up for Ed Tech day which was being held the next day. As soon as we got our glasses free monitors turned on we started playing our video player that streams glasses free 3D screenshots and gameplay video over the web we started to get a strong reaction from people working the show. They commented on how good our 3D looked and took pictures of us and tweeted them. That really set the stage for the following day. We had huge crowds at our booth the entire day with lots of people coming back multiple times.

3D Game Market receives it's first 4K Glasses Free 3D Display

Dimenco displays has just sent us our first 50” 4K glasses free 3D display for us to develop games for. This new TV looks incredible with its very high resolution. This makes the 3D games look very clear and the small text is no longer blurry in 3D. We are very excited to push this new display to its limits to increase the 3D experience that we provide. Not only do our games look great on this monitor but so do our screenshots and game play videos. We will be unveiling this new display at Ed Tech Day at Ithaca college on the 19th of March. Come down and check it out.