3D Game Market at ED Tech Day

3D Game Market is excited about doing another ED Tech Day show. We will be at Ithaca College in Ithaca NY on the 19th of March showing our latest glasses free 3D games. We will have plenty of gaming controllers at our booth this year so you will be able to experience the games in beautiful 3D for yourselves. Our solution makes it possible to play the games in full 3D without having to use cumbersome 3D glasses. We now have 300 3D game drivers which convert your favorite pc games into an awesome 3D environment. Be sure to stop bye on the 19th and give our games a try.

Watch 3D Game Videos Now!

Introducing our 3D Video Player for playing glasses free 3D videos right in your browser. We have a few videos below we've created so you can see how beautiful 3DGM gaming can be!

- Have a glasses free 3D display already? Great! No need to download our client just to watch our 3D gaming videos. Just click the 3D glasses icon in the video player and the video player will switch into 3D mode. Your browser must be open on a compatible glasses free display.

- Don't have a glasses free 3D display? What are you waiting for? Join the next generation of gaming in 3D without glasses today. We sell the best in glasses free 3D displays courtesy of Dimenco.

Alice: Madness Returns


E3 2014 Gaming Convention

Dreams really can come true and one of mine did on June 10th 2014 when I attended my first E3 gaming convention. This event was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles California. The weather was outstanding and so were my spirits as I waited in line to get in. 48,900 people attended this event and it seemed like 48,000 of them were ahead of me in line. Once the doors opened it did not take long to reach the main exhibit floor where I first made my way to the Square Enix booth to check out the Rise of the Tomb Raider exhibit.